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The continue of the CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- Interview:

Hajime Tabata, director of CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII-, talks to SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS about the world of CRISIS CORE and the FINAL FANTASY VII franchise.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: There are some CRISIS CORE-related spoilers in this section of Q&A.]

Q. How much freedom did you have with CRISIS CORE in expanding the FINAL FANTASY VII world? Did you feel restricted in any way by the sheer fame and popularity of the characters and story?

Tabata: For the canonical FINAL FANTASY VII lore and characters, we were careful to remain faithful to the original, but we generally had free license for the new material. As for the huge fan support that FINAL FANTASY VII enjoys, we felt it was more of an inspiration than a restriction.

Q. Did you see any conflicts between the storyline in CRISIS CORE and the explanation of events in FINAL FANTASY VII? What was the challenge behind developing a prequel to one of the most beloved and well-known FINAL FANTASY titles?

Tabata: For any new elements to the lore, we avoided contradictions by introducing new characters. In any case, the CRISIS CORE storyline was overseen by Mr. (Kazushige) Nojima, who also handled the original FINAL FANTASY VII story, so we did not encounter many problems.


Q. During Chapter Five of CRISIS CORE when Zack, Tseng and the rest get in the helicopter that transports them to Modeoheim, who or what shoots them down?

Tabata: Zack (and the others) do not know, but Genesis’s army was responsible for the attack.

Q. What is the Gift of the Goddess that’s being mentioned in CRISIS CORE? Do you mean those Dumbapples?

It does not point to one specific thing. It varies according to people’s perceptions and desires.

Q. CRISIS CORE ends with the words “To be continued.” Is the Compilation of FINAL FANTASY VII complete, or are there more projects in the works?

Tabata: The “To be continued” at the end means that the story of CRISIS CORE will continue in FINAL FANTASY VII. At the same time, it does not signify the end of the FINAL FANTASY VII saga.

Q. Given the amount of success that the FINAL FANTASY VII franchise has attained, what is the likelihood of another FINAL FANTASY VII-related movie to be produced?

Tabata: I would not discount the possibility.

Q. How has the FINAL FANTASY VII franchise affected your life?

Tabata: The initial impact of FINAL FANTASY VII upon its release in Japan affected me greatly. Since that day, it has been my goal to create a game with as huge an impact as FINAL FANTASY VII. It also instilled within me a great amount of respect for the talent and innovation of the people at Square Enix, which is why I work here today. My first experience working on an FINAL FANTASY VII series title came 10 years after the release of the original game, but I was stunned to discover how large and loyal the fanbase still is. It is this kind of remarkable support from the users that continually inspires us to work on and expand the series.

Source: Square Enix Members

Sawa am 3.4.08 22:09



Here's the rest of the event diary by the PR manager Sonia Im.

1:20 p.m.


Check in with the retail manager at SCEA and start setting up. After the Audio/Visual check, we all split up into groups to put up the window clings, prepare the art display and set up the merchandise. Here's where everyone's obsessive tendencies go into full swing: a microscopic piece of dust is stuck between the frames (it must be removed!), the window cling isn't centered (it must move to the left 4 millimeters!), Cloud's Buster Sword needs to be rotated (by 2 degrees!).

3:00 p.m.


We begin setting up the Shinra ID station, loading the XMB [cross-media bars] to the PSPs and, lo and behold, Romeo (Merchandise/Sales) is still setting up the merchandise! Here's the thing: the shelves he's so meticulously setting up the figures on have to come down so the art can be hung. (Note: Romeo's obsession with the merchandise will make returns throughout.)


4:30 p.m.

The store is shut down so we can seriously set up! Between the awesome PlayStation Store staff and the rest of the crew, the setup goes pretty smoothly.


6:05 p.m.

Here we go! Doors open and everyone heads to the Shinra ID card station to have their cards made. A lot of the attendees then head over to the art area where there are concept art, story boards and merchandise, including these really awesome, high-end figures of Cloud and Sephiroth from the Masterpiece Arts series. On the way back to the ID station, people stop at the theater to catch screenings of the trailers and check out the game.

7:00-ish (getting hard to keep track of time)


Our MC gets the crowd going, and we start the raffle. Coincidentally, #77 wins one of the special Tetsuya Nomura lithographs. The other prizes are themed, and each package consists of a variety of merchandise: the "Cloud Award," with a Cloud Play Arts figure and Cloud silver pendant/necklace; the "Sephiroth Award," with a Sephiroth Play Arts figure and Sephiroth pendant/necklace; and the "Shinra Award," with a Shinra card case, a Shinra pin badge and a SOLDIER key chain.

The ID station procedure is a bit grueling for the staff, but we trudge through and successfully distribute badges to everyone. This was one part of the event we were a little worried about (it was something new for us and the equipment was not ours), but it all ends up working out in the end. Whew!



The first hundred start moving out with commemorative shirt and ID card in hand, and we have a bit of lag time while we reset for the next group. Guess who's back rearranging the merchandise? Told you he'd make a comeback! He continues this throughout the night, a new pose about every fifteen minutes.



We start bringing in the next hundred. Since the event is going so smoothly our MC puts together an impromptu trivia session with attendees, game show-style in the theater area. The winner takes home an FFVII Advent Children poster and UMD, and the runner ups get the poster.

Little after 9:00

Wow where did the time go? And are we actually done on time? Time to close up shop.

Little after 10:00

And we're done! Record time too! We're so stoked that everyone seemed to have a great time (event staff included)!

Last words

Thank you to the unbelievably awesome crew at the PlayStation Store! Your passion makes these events great every time. And thank you, thank you to our amazing fans! Without you we're nothing, and don't doubt for a second that we don't totally appreciate it.

XOXO from everyone at Square Enix!

Source: Square Enix Members

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Quite ninja moderate are the details for the first PS3 - Appearance of Naruto still in the dark. The game is developed under the name "Naruto PS3 Project" and it's made from the Makers of "Ultimate Ninja" - Series, which enthused a lot of Fans. So that the Developers have experience of making good Battlegames we're waiting for a game with a high graphic design! But takes time until the Ninjas climb into the ring: The game will be published end of the year. So that "Naruto" - Fans with a PS3 have to wait a little bit... and the others have time to save money for the nice Sony toy!

»Jump Festa Trailer«

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On Tuesday was the CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- Launch Event in San Francisco. For all who were not there the PR manager Sonia Im documented the event.
The full article will be posted tomorrow, but here's the preview of what's coming:


By Sonia Im, Senior PR Manager, Events

12:50 p.m.

Alright, press release out, replies complete on SCEA [Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.]'s blog, went through check list for the event a million times. Time to grab a quick bite with Amelia and Klee (other PR peeps) before we head over to the PlayStation store in San Francisco.

It's event day, and the ship date for CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII-, so things are a bit crazy today for the PR and event teams. Thank goodness Wil and Emi (event leads) were so on top of the pre-event stuff! For those of you looking to get into event planning, you may want to do some behind the scenes research before you dive in There's a lot of stuff that goes on for weeks, often months before the event actually happens -- I find my obsessive nature to be a good quality when it comes to events!

We run into the rest of the event team in the hotel lobby: Daniel (Sales), Miki (Events), Parker (Marketing) and Romeo (Merchandise/Sales). Oh by the way, I named Romeo. When people come from our HQ in Japan to the States, we like to rename them. It started with our boss Tyler (named after Tyler Durden in The Fight Club).

Anyway, we head out... Woah, woah, woah it is freaking cold! Boy I forget how spoiled we are in L.A. sometimes. It must be a whole 45 degrees out here... Yah, yah I know, call the waaahmbulance.

Sweet! There's already like 50 people in line. We're stoked but know there will be no chance to eat until after 10 tonight so we inhale some grub and head over.

Source: Square Enix Members

Sawa am 28.3.08 13:44


Even if the Page is just a few days old, we have now an English Version too. Unfortunatly not all Contents are available, but this will be changed in the next days.
We hope you'll enjoy your stay!

PayPay =3

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